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A beautiful, handmade pocket fountain pen, crafted from vibrant red heart wood, and finished with a crystal-clear gloss finish.  Includes a German Iridium #5 fine nib, an ink cartridge, and a standard ink converter.

A handmade wooden fountain pen turned from vibrant redheart wood. But this is no ordinary fountain pen…this is a pocket fountain pen! With a capped length of just 4.5 inches, this pen is perfect for carrying in a pocket or a handbag, pairing with a notebook or checkbook, or just for everyday use by those who prefer a smaller writing instrument.

As is the case with all items in our Pocket Collection, this pen is small but refined. The redheart wood is incredibly eye-catching. It boasts a subtle grain that shows this is no plastic pen. It’s wood, and it’s spectacular. No paint, dyes, or other artificial colorations were used in the making of this pen. That remarkable red color is all natural.

The hardware is an aluminum alloy, which provides silvery-white contrast with the wooden pen body. It is feather-light, making this a comfortable pen to both carry and use.

The pen includes a German Iridium #5 fine nib. The nib can be removed and replaced with other #5 nibs if different tip sizes or shapes are desired.

The pen shifts with a standard ink convertor and ink cartridge.

This item ships with an optional carbon fiber-style box with elegant white satin interior. Perfect as a gift set! Please scroll through the product listings below for compatible gift boxes.

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 5 × 1 × 1 in

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